Recently featured on the STV and BBC news channels, Aberdeen's Satrosphere Science Centre is planning a significant upgrade of its current facilities. The proposed £7 million refurbishment will double the size of the existing centre and will substantially increase annual visitor numbers.

The redevelopment will allow the centre to create vibrant learning, teaching and corporate spaces in which its live science shows and interactive exhibits can be displayed and integrated.

As part of the refurbishment, there will be a shift in focus to the science of 'energy', which provides a relevance to the re-branding of the 'Satrosphere Science Centre' to 'ASC+'.

Dr Paul Jennings, chief executive of the centre, said: “The plan is to completely refresh the centre and in doing so create a dynamic and contemporary showcase for science in which audiences are actively encouraged to learn through ‘hands-on’ enquiry.

“Successful science centres draw on the context of their local science and ‘energy’ was a theme that came up consistently in our discussions with stakeholders in the City and Shire. Our plans will enable us to create a credible science centre which places a spotlight on the expanding energy sector.”