Aim has secured planning permission for the 'Dwell' sustainable house type at the Carbeth Estate, North of Glasgow.

The client's site commands a prominent, elevated position within the grounds of the estate, with striking views north-east to the Campsie Fells. Situated on a natural level outcrop, the building nestles into the contours of the hillside.

The house obtains influences from Scottish rural vernacular architecture that abstracts and modernises the traditional dwelling form into a building that is sharp, energetic and well detailed.

With the primary objective focused on sustainability, the house is openly orientated south east and north west to achieve a balance between solar gain and summer cooling; the concreted ground floor will act as a thermal sink for this heat gain.

A thermal stove, located centrally in the main open-plan living area effectively acts like a vertical radiator rising through the space. This is complemented by an electric boiler and water storage, combined with an external air to water heat pump to provide enough energy for heating, hot water and under floor heating.

The panel formed assembly construction system by Dwell is fundamental to the dynamic and sustainable aspirations for the dwelling.