Appletree Cottage has evolved over the years and prior to Aim's commission existed as a 4 bedroom detached 1.5 storey house situated in scenic countryside. Aim's proposals see the house extended to accommodate a 15x5m swimming pool and additional space for living, dining and socialising.

Garden ground is also extended significantly into neighbouring fields and a wind turbine which generates much of the energy required by the house. Indeed the house itself is particularly energy efficient due to its airtight construction, high levels of insulation, ground source heat pumps and low energy mechanical ventilation systems.

Due to the vast size of the new extension and the agricultural ground upon which it was to be built the proposals contradicted a number of planning policies. Therefore a high level of graphic and written communication was produced in support of the planning application which detailed the reasoning behind the design and justified its suitability in this instance.

The design of the large extension was carefully considered to create a high performance contemporary addition that still remains sympathetic to the rural nature of the existing house and its location. The use of traditional natural materials used in a modern way creates a subtle distinction between the old and new which are separated by frameless glazing which allows the impressive views from the house to be fully appreciated.

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