Created on behalf of Scottish Enterprise and designed by AIM, District 10’s creative media district is a bold new vision for Seabraes Yards in the heart of Dundee. As an initial stepping stone to realising its development Scottish Enterprise commissioned AIM to design proposals for a office space aimed at creative media companies. The building was to be constructed from shipping containers in line with the modular construction ethos developed for District 10.

AIM created a variety of proposals relating to the initial masterplan proposal to demonstrate each ones affect on the overall project and its suitability to the specific project brief. This resulted in a defined ‘creative media zone’ which would be occupied by 9 replicated container buildings.

PV Flexible Unit 01 is the first of these buildings to be developed to construction stage. AIM prepared a detailed report and planning application for the building as well as a design and access statement that relates to the aspirations for the overall site and the strategies needed to be put in place in order to realise its potential.

A primary objective is the delivery of zero-carbon buildings, the reduction of embodied energy in the procurement process and achieving BREEAM excellent.