Dundee Science Centre aspires to enhance and develop their existing facility to exceed the requirements of a 5 star science & education facility for Scotland. Primarily with the introduction of science learning facility to compliment the existing centres infrastructure and accommodate the increasing requirements of the secondary education CPD syllabus. A rationalisation of the existing facilities is planned to combine with the extension of the centre physically to form further science education facilities.

The study addresses the DSC intentions of establishing the viability of a centre to enhance and support the continuous professional development of teachers and other teaching professionals such as teaching assistants and technicians. New facilities shall house a knowledge transfer gallery making contemporary science and scientific discovery accessible to a teenage and adult audience. Public engagement and science learning are core themes within the new phase making the DSC a unique centre within Scotland. The design aspirations for the proposal are of the highest standard to provide Scotland with a 5 star facility with instant recognition and unique appeal.

It is envisaged that the final proposal will not only provide new state of the art facilities for the sciences but also an enhanced tourist attraction to compliment other established DSC programmes as well as introducing more extensive facilities to compliment the Dundee Waterfront’s rich heritage including Dundee Contemporary Arts and Discovery Point.