Situated adjacent to Dundee Airport, and the main western gateway into the City, the 102 bedroom hotel aspires to provide 3-4 star accommodation on the city’s periphery. Facilities include a number of suites for private or business hire, a ground floor business centre and a 100 cover roof top restaurant that commands a 270˚ panoramic view of the Tay Estuary and Airport.

The restaurant and rooms are orientated directly towards the summer sunset to the western end of the estuary. The design of the accommodation wing and main ‘conning tower’ are in homage to the streamlines of flight. The faceted wing composition throws shadow to emulate a symbolic gesture to the spitfire fuselage exhausts. The projecting restaurant roof is illuminated from below to provide a lit halo effect to promote the hotel to the visitor.

A building of strong character and dynamism will provide a valuable landmark to the Cities Western approach and a consolidation of the Airport estates facilities for future attraction and growth.

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