The recognition of a shortage in secondary science curriculum programmes led to the commission to identify potential for a new annex to Dundee Science Centre.

The new building focused on facilities to support science education excellence. Early investigations identified a site immediately West of the Dundee Science Centre as providing the best opportunity for a future facility. The site had to integrate with the established pedestrian ‘Sci-Art’ corridor effectively splitting the area in two.

A proposal was developed to form a 2500m2 horseshoe form of building to embrace a new courtyard facing west up the Tay Estuary towards the setting sun. Two building fingers were developed, one housing the educational wing, the other the corporate and events wing. Both were bridged by a 300 seat auditorium and thoroughfare providing a central seminar space looking out onto the newly formed courtyard. The auditorium glass nose provides a South West view up the Tay Estuary and the opportunity to provide back projected promotion to the courtyard or a glass fronted stage for performances. The courtyard presents a setting for the 30m high ‘Bio-woman’ created by internally acclaimed artist, David Mach. Her skin of spun aluminium disks is also used for the cladding of the auditorium pod.