Won in a Scottish Housing Design Competition Woodrock is a bold living space of 2 boxes of honest industry, one in timber skin floating above the other in white, penetrations into each skin form balcony and window.

The three-bedroom proposal seeks to address its site location as a fundamental part of the village hierarchy and does so by holding its position as the central focus of the proposed village green.

The house is open plan and contains a central void trapping heat transferred to a central masonry wall providing thermal mass. The common spaces interlock with each other from gallery to living, kitchen and dining encouraging unity, warmth and sharing. Spaces to the village green side of the house discreetly open from within onto the public green in contrast to the private garden elevation of open and transparent glazing. Garden & living share space through large doors that open to combine both.

Industry standard energy efficient systems of heat recovery and solar collection supplement design principles that allow the building to control heat and ventilation to maximize energy efficiency. The construction of the scheme will see the use of prefabricated, mass produced elements such as the no maintenance Trespa Walnut panels while creating a crisp modern aesthetic.