Situated on a particularly challenging site that slopes steeply from the banks of the River Tay, Riverview House is constructed within the garden grounds of its owners previous house. The unusually small site and limited accessibility created further problems to overcome.

The design of the small single storey 2 bedroom house is centred around providing quality spaces within the house that respond to the best features of the site and the context beyond. Living areas are orientated towards views of the river and the fully glazed facade protrudes through an existing listed retaining wall. The compact site has encouraged the creation of a layout which is efficient in terms of the space used while ensuring that all of the requirements of everyday life are more than adequately provided for.

The light weight timber framed construction and cladding have been carefully chosen to ensure that all materials can be easily delivered and constructed within the constraints of the site. The external finishes of natural Scottish larch and zinc will weather and change colour along with the natural environment of the garden ground in which they sit. These environmentally friendly materials are part of an overall sustainable strategy which uses high levels of natural insulation, airtight construction and triple glazing to create a house with impressively low energy consumption and high sustainable credentials.

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