Situated to the west of Dundee, the plot for the Wallace House offers tremendous views south that are an important part of the design. The approach to the house from the rear also runs visibly through the house to the South opening up onto the garden area and aligned central to the most significant tree to the south. The dining space and the 1st floor walkway align with large box dormer window openings onto the mature forest to the North and the garden and distant river views to the south.

Every space within the house captures either forest, tree or the south prospect towards the Tay. Every section of corridor frames a view. The main living area opens onto the south patio that extends to the magnificent south most tree. The west most tree provides summer shading to the courtyard to the west and some privacy to the substantial glazing.The house has been deliberately positioned to interact with the mature trees on the site and utilise their natural benefits of shade and privacy. At the same time this opens up a large section of garden for recreation to the East most section of the site. The layout also locates a more physical separation to the next door dwelling by placing the parking and garage between your main living areas and the next door neighbour.

The most prominent upper level feature is the link corridor between both structures. Each end of the corridor is terminated by a large double height box dormer providing a strong physical link for the buildings and a subtle reworking of the traditional dormer form into a bolder contemporary expression. The walkway to the master bedroom has a sky-window, a seamless, frameless section of glass that opens to the sky providing a perfect snap shot of the Sky. This walkway is open on both sides allowing light to pour down from the sky-window to the entrance and dining space below.

The house design has received full planning permission and is due to be completed in October 2012.