As part of Aim’s ongoing relationship with McIntyres, a second phase for their Union Street location was added while the entire salon, also designed by Aim, remained in operation with McIntyres’ usual high quality of service.

Aim developed a series of open plan spaces that could be adapted to daily client programmes. Several spaces incorporate concealed sliding screens. Each space and screen was sound insulated to provide complete privacy. The flexible layout generates enhanced program performance, and provides additional marketing opportunities to expand their client base. The private consultancy spaces provide an alternative experience for customers of particular religious faiths or sensitive health conditions who prefer a discreet service.

The McIntyres projects, including the Perth Road and Phase I developments, have received a number of accolades including a Scottish Regeneration Award, Civic Trust Award, Dundee City Council Award, Scottish Design Award, National Salon Design Award, and a Dundee Institute of Architects’ Award.