Walker Luxury Jeweller occupies the ground floor of an early 19th century 4 storey tenement block and boasts the only Rolex franchise in the Dundee area. An area to the rear of the shop was recently upgraded and Aim were commissioned to reimagine and revitalize the interior configuration and finishes of the front of house retail offering. The brief was not to obscure the view/access to the new Rolex area and enhance and compliment the overall retail experience. Aim took this one step further by ensuring the new space did not take on a subservient role and had the ability to stand side by side with the highest standard of Jewellery retailer experiences.

The attention to detail in the design of the consultant desks, display cases and selection of quality materials reflect the intricacies of a jewelers craft to reinvigorate what was previously a dated space, creating a more cohesive visitor experience. Security played a key part in the renovation works and finding the balance between active security measures and ensuring they did not stand out was a challenge. The aim for the renovated shop floor was to balance security, usability, discretion, collaboration and beauty.