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As part of the RIAS festival of architecture, Aim were commissioned to produce a hard-backed publication detailing the best of architecture within RIAS’s Dundee Institute of Architects (DIA) Chapter. The DIA 20Y book chronicles the winners of the DIA Awards over the past 20 years, with a carefully curated collection of graphics, photographs, abstracts, and testimonials about each project.

Aim carried out all aspects of the production including the graphical concept, the sourcing, scripting and incorporation of all editorial content, sourcing all imagery and testimonials and the printing and final distribution to key stakeholders.

Scottish Science Centres

Following Aim’s work on the travelling ‘Great Scottish Minds’ exhibition, Aim were employed to develop a range of publicity material, including the development of a new logo that represented the Scottish Science Centre’s Network, comprising: Glasgow Science Centre, Our Dynamic Earth Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen Science Centre’s.

A themed marketing campaign followed with poster and billboard launches in airports, train stations and key tourist locations throughout Scotland. Aim designed all communication and imagery material and coordinated the publicity campaign nationally over a 12 month period.

St Andrews Links Trust

Aim regularly provides visualisation and animated walk through services for clients. St Andrews Links Trust is a typical example of the in-house expertise applied to bring projects to life.

Aim were invited to submit a design proposal by St Andrews Links Trust (SALT) to develop the present facilities at the Eden Club House, the primary focus being the enhancement of the visitor experience to compliment the high quality golfing packages offered at the seven golf courses owned and managed by the trust.

The proposal upgrades the existing Eden Clubhouse with a new, refurbished entrance, restaurant, kitchen, meeting spaces and office accommodation. The brand was captured throughout the design elements and was the focus of 3d visuals and the final animated movie walkthrough.

Think Learn Create Inspire

Aim Design provided graphic design & publication services for a new annual promotional brochure for Dundee Science Centre. The brochure included science programme information, education packages as well as advertising corporate and science learning facilities to clients. Previously mixed and cluttered science centre offerings such as STEM Clubs and Professional Learning are simply categorised and easily located. A soft touch approach was adopted with key captions of think, learn, create and inspire developed as the centre’s core values

Dwell Sustainable Homes

Dwell Sustainable Homes is focused on providing affordable, energy efficient architect designed sustainable homes for their clients. With an environmentally friendly ethos in mind it was essential that the branding reflect this. The font and colour used in the design of the logo was chosen to give an informal and vibrant appearance. The concept of easy construction and delivery is conveyed by a fold out house shape. Aim Design provided promotional literature, marketing, trade show stand design and web page design services.

DIA Brochures

The Dundee Institute of Architects provides a wide range of support for member practices. Aim have developed a variety of marketing material for the DIA that is circulated between practices and to a wider public audience. Aim have also developed the DIA brand and logo.

As well as marketing and branding exercises, quarterly magazines and event bill boarding, Aim are responsible for the creation of promotional material relating to the annual DIA Dinner and the associated graphic design work required for the design of stage sets used on the night of this event.

Dundee Science Centre – SLI Brochures

Aim have designed and procured a number of publications for Science Education Centres and events including seasonal and science sector brochures, advertising campaigns, web launches and science festivals. Aim strive to always approach each individual brief with boundless enthusiasm and intent to ensure the narrative of each publication or event is delivered in a creative, appealing and unique format. A range of themes are investigated, presented and refined to provide exciting, engaging and informative content and advertisement solutions.