Aim Design were commissioned by Dundee Science Centre to develop their Science Learning Institute which includes a new exhibition entitled ‘Medical Marvels’. This playful refurbishment celebrates Dundee’s pioneering medical advances in non-invasive surgery over the last 100 years with opportunities to get hands on at every turn and put new skills into practice! A new experience vein pulses its way through the first floor gallery space commencing with the history of surgery from the 14th century and continuing with exhibits demonstrating present, non-invasive surgical technology as well as glimpses into our surgical future. Throughout the space, seamless solid-surface materials and dramatic feature-lighting are used to create sleek environments that appear futuristic and sculpted with surgical precision to connect exhibits along the way.

The experience vein folds tightly through the available floor area to extend the route and maximise visitor dwell time over the relatively small space. The graphic design and circular clusters of information lozenges compliment the soft curves of the visitor vein.

A path of white spherical lights pulses red with a blood flow effect along the visitor pathway lighting the way and incorporating a visualisation of blood pressure guiding visitors through the route.