Glenrothes Strollers are a significant youth sports development organisation, supporting the needs of over 500 members of all ages and levels of ability. Aim were invited to develop a new clubhouse at Overstenton Park to support the Strollers’ extensive community activities throughout the year.

The brief for the project was developed in close consultation with the numerous user groups associated with and out-with the club. Several plan forms were investigated, the preferred option being a form that sites a flexible café/events space at the core of the building, with the support changing and shower spaces around the outside.

A single softly curved roof line, to reflect the line of a ball travelling through the air, falls gently to the rear to provide a single rain water collection point for storage and watering of the playing fields. The curved roof also provides a south-facing 4 metre canopy sheltering the viewing terrace.

The project delivers a much-needed new facility that assists the Strollers’ offering to the local community.