As part of a competition run by the Highland Housing Association, Aim won the opportunity to build on a prime plot within the site of the Scottish Housing Expo, working closely with Cadell2 to develop this innovative house prototype.

Woodrock is a bold living space of 2 boxes of honest industry, one in timber skin floating above the other in white, resulting in a crisp, modern aesthetic. The energy efficient house is open plan and contains a central void, trapping heat in the thermal mass of a central masonry wall. The common spaces interlock and encourage unity, warmth, and sharing. Spaces open onto the village green side in contrast to the private garden elevation of open and transparent glazing, addressing the building’s role as a fundamental part of the village hierarchy.

The external materials were chosen particularly to minimise future maintenance. Trespa veneer panels and smooth white render combine with high performance triple glazed windows and doors. The combination of a highly insulated external building skin and photovoltaic renewables delivered a house with annual energy cost of circa £300.