In association with Dundee City Council Construction Services and the Unicorn Preservation Society, Aim were invited to develop a feature strategy including upgraded general and showcase lighting proposal to enhance a cherished piece of Dundee’s maritime heritage.

Funding was limited and it was agreed to target the main structural elements of the ship, themed room and craftsman’s marks throughout the lower decks. A non-invasive power & lighting design was developed that was discreet and respectful of the category ‘A’ listed ship interior.

The majority of the internal works comprise a series of strategically placed lighting features, highlighting previously largely hidden features as well reinforcing and enhancing the drama of the interior exhibits and nautical architecture.

A new dedicated reception module has been created on the quayside. Designed around and inside a shipping container, referencing the nautical theme of the setting, the module provides a low-cost and suitably functional visitor space to support the ship. The Unicorn Preservation Trust is branded throughout.