Project Category: Media & Exhibitions

District 10 – Branding

Created on behalf of Scottish Enterprise by Aim, District 10 is an initial stepping stone incubator building towards realising a larger creative district village. The design comprises an office space aimed at creative media companies, and constructed from shipping containers in line with the modular construction ethos developed for District 10.

The brand name conveys cargo, transport or modular construction likened to a crating stamp. Externally, the building’s brand aesthetic origins link to the 1990s game Tetris. Each elevation is a game screen with pixelated shapes. This pixelation is carried through internally and on all branding and marketing material.

The spaces within the building have been designed to retain the industrial aesthetic of the containers, whilst creating a vibrant space that is comfortable and practical for users. Bold pixelated colour and pattern are used in communal areas to create a strong visual identity and unmistakable character for the building throughout.

Dundee Science Centre – Secret Sight

The design intent of Dundee Science Centre’s permanent exhibition “Secret Sight & Your Brilliant Mind” was to engage creatively with tactility, lighting, movement, and sound, focusing especially on special needs clients’ experience. The result is an environment that successfully integrates interactive exhibits into an overall aesthetic that excites and inspires visitors as they use all of their senses to explore.

The entire exhibition was digitally modeled and animated as part of the design process to allow the client a clear understanding of the project’s progress and assist the design team in seamlessly integrating all parts of the exhibition.

The project has received a number of awards, including an FX award for interiors, Dundee Institute of Architects Award, and several science education sector awards.

Dwell Sustainable Homes

Dwell Sustainable Homes is focused on providing affordable, energy efficient architect designed sustainable homes for their clients. With an environmentally friendly ethos in mind it was essential that the branding reflect this. The font and colour used in the design of the logo was chosen to give an informal and vibrant appearance. The concept of easy construction and delivery is conveyed by a fold out house shape. Aim Design provided promotional literature, marketing, trade show stand design and web page design services.

Skills Development Scotland

Aim were invited as part of a national shortlist to submit design graphic communication and interior concepts for a new Careers Knowledge Centre. Approached as a prototype exercise, our Skills Development Scotland Centre concept was highly praised and chosen as one of two to be developed and constructed in the initial roll out phase.

Adopting provoking imagery and engaging graphic communication with barrier-free thought provoking themes, the zoned layout provides a series of spaces for interaction, presentation, private and semi-private consultation, workshops, and web surfing.

The forest corridor leads customers to private consultancy pods and a multi-use ‘bamboo field’ room that can double as a break-out area. The media hub utilises the latest in touchscreen wireless headphone technology to communicate careers content and opportunities openly to the SDS customer base.

The eventual brand development covered issues of inclusiveness, approach, creativity and self-development. It sought to break away from institutionalised career path centres and move towards the users’ working journey.

FOA Community Unity

Created on behalf of Dundee Institute of Architects by Aim, Community Unity consisted of a gallery brochure and touring exhibition celebrating the achievements of community led Architectural initiatives throughout the Dundee Institute of Architects Chapter. The gallery brochure was circulated throughout Scotland as part of Scotland’s Festival of Architecture. The exhibition toured throughout Angus, Perth & Kinross, Fife and Tayside and was designed to collapse and crate simply and quickly between venues. An on-line version of the exhibition concluded the commission.

Global Energy

Aim were approached by oil industry specialists Global Energy to design and fabricate a temporary stand for the international trade fair, Offshore Europe. The stand had to promote a confident and energetic impression of the group’s activities and facilitate an entertainment and seminar space for existing and new customers.

The organisation’s logo formed a core element of the design, and was integrated into a raised canopy capping the upper gallery meeting space. Storage, exhibition, and information LED screen areas were also incorporated. The build was designed to be demountable in order to be crated for transport when touring to other trade fairs across Europe.

A full design, construction, build-up and break down contract was procured for Global Energy to an exact budget.

Festival of Architecture

As part of the RIAS Festival of Architecture in 2016, Architects and designers from all over the DIA Chapter were invited to design a crazy-golf hole incorporating a recognisable architectural landmark. The best nine were selected and constructed by the DIA’s partner contractors.Other events throughout the year included build challenges for local schools, and competitions centred around winter-time illuminations in Dundee’s City Square, all forming a key part of the Scottish Government’s 2016 Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design celebrations.

Aim provided brand design, marketing and event coordination services throughout Tayside, Fife, Perth & Kinross and Angus for a range of activities with a common goal of celebrating design and our built environment.

DIA Brochures

The Dundee Institute of Architects provides a wide range of support for member practices. Aim have developed a variety of marketing material for the DIA that is circulated between practices and to a wider public audience. Aim have also developed the DIA brand and logo.

As well as marketing and branding exercises, quarterly magazines and event bill boarding, Aim are responsible for the creation of promotional material relating to the annual DIA Dinner and the associated graphic design work required for the design of stage sets used on the night of this event.

Dundee Science Centre – SLI Brochures

Aim have designed and procured a number of publications for Science Education Centres and events including seasonal and science sector brochures, advertising campaigns, web launches and science festivals. Aim strive to always approach each individual brief with boundless enthusiasm and intent to ensure the narrative of each publication or event is delivered in a creative, appealing and unique format. A range of themes are investigated, presented and refined to provide exciting, engaging and informative content and advertisement solutions.