Project Category: Media & Exhibitions

Tullibardine – Visitor Centre

Aim completed phase one works for single malt whisky specialists Tullibardine in 2015 including a £1.8M refurbishment of the distillery bonds, offices and lab spaces increasing the distillery maturation bond capacity by 300% and production line bottling and packaging by 90%. Brand development and distillery impact were a key development to increasing the market share of the product and to consolidate the Tullibardine brand within the craft whisky market.

Aim commenced phase II works for a new £1M visitor experience to complete the upgrade of existing visitor facilities and the distillery site overall. The project includes a new whisky trail throughout the distillery, specialist tasting rooms, a cafe, offices and merchandising area. Product display was a crucial and sensitive element of the concept proposal. Dark oak finishes and greys integrate with the core branding with subtle gold high lighting to interlace the brand and link the full product range.

Aberdeen Maritime Museum – Offshire Oil & Gas Experience

Aim were commissioned by TAQA Europe to design a new exhibition area at Aberdeen Maritime Museum to demonstrate the mechanics and robust material nature of oil platforms and their operation.The stage set replicated an oil rig landing platform with a panoramic backdrop of the North Sea. The entire space is theatrically illuminated with motion activated, low-energy LED lighting controlled via a central communication room.Aim procured the entire installation including creative direction of narratives, photography, 3D modeling, animation and CGI, graphic design, production, final assembly, and installation. The project was delivered on-time and on-budget, ahead of the Offshore Europe trade fair in Aberdeen.


As part of the RIAS festival of architecture, Aim were commissioned to produce a hard-backed publication detailing the best of architecture within RIAS’s Dundee Institute of Architects (DIA) Chapter. The DIA 20Y book chronicles the winners of the DIA Awards over the past 20 years, with a carefully curated collection of graphics, photographs, abstracts, and testimonials about each project.

Aim carried out all aspects of the production including the graphical concept, the sourcing, scripting and incorporation of all editorial content, sourcing all imagery and testimonials and the printing and final distribution to key stakeholders.

Foxlake Branding

Alongside the traditional architectural services provided, Aim were commissioned to develop Foxlake Adventures’ branding to support their new wakeboarding and water activities experience at Dundee’s City Quay. A screen of charred black timber arranged as a sinusoidal wave references the building’s setting in the water, the historic HMS Unicorn, and other elements of the immediate built environment. At the same time, the frontage provides a strong backdrop for the large FOXLAKE logo, creating a bold sense of place and a lasting impression.

Further developments, to be completed in phase II, will enhance the water-side of the facility using nautically inspired dazzle camouflage to break up the mass of the buildings and further enhance the striking aesthetic which has already been established.

Our Dynamic Earth

Aim Design were invited to provide design services for the delivery of a new geology exhibition at Edinburgh’s Our Dynamic Earth. The exhibition theme was a celebration of late 19th and early 20th century geologists fondly renamed as ‘geology timelords’. Holographic Timelords emerge from lava backdrops to introduce the visitor to our early understanding of our earths crust and the forces that formed mountains and valleys. A digital wall timeline takes the visitor through the forming of the earth crusts and the shifting of tectonic plates ending with the familiar continents of today, their rock formations, origins and anticipated movements in the future.

Visitors are invited to beat the clock by moving tectonic plates and matching historical periods over the last 4.5Billion years. Lava interactive floor holograms create hopscotch or ‘hotscorch’ challenges challenging visitors to quickly skip across broken lava flows. A suspended globe provides further information on our climate and a time-lift takes you backwards to the next gallery of the exhibition experience. A range of digital interactive experiences are complimented with physical rock backdrops, movie walls and engaging narratives to excite the and inform visitors before they head onto the next stage in the story line.

Great Scottish Minds

Aim were commissioned by the Scottish Government to develop a touring exhibition for the Year of Homecoming in Scotland celebrating great Scottish scientific minds. The project included a national poster campaign, a flexible exhibition and presentation space, and an interactive online hub linking the four Scottish centres of science education – Glasgow Science Centre, Our Dynamic Earth Edinburgh, Dundee Science Centre Dundee & Aberdeen Science Centre.

Aim’s services included: project management, CGI works, interior design, lighting design, interpretive planning, image research & sourcing, graphic design and web design/engineering. The touring ‘atom’ stageset is a ‘knock down & crating’ solution to simplify relocation. The set doubled as a presentation and exhibition space, providing invited scientists with a number of options for Public Engagement activities.

Scottish Science Centres

Following Aim’s work on the travelling ‘Great Scottish Minds’ exhibition, Aim were employed to develop a range of publicity material, including the development of a new logo that represented the Scottish Science Centre’s Network, comprising: Glasgow Science Centre, Our Dynamic Earth Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen Science Centre’s.

A themed marketing campaign followed with poster and billboard launches in airports, train stations and key tourist locations throughout Scotland. Aim designed all communication and imagery material and coordinated the publicity campaign nationally over a 12 month period.

GlaxoSmithKline Montrose

To celebrate their 50 year Anniversary, Glaxo Smith Kline Montrose commissioned an exhibition celebrating the pharmaceutical achievements of GSK Montrose over the last half decade and incorporated the progressive development of the site over this period. Substantial Interpretive Planning was required to structure the complex timeline, inclusive of inter-departmental liaison and archive research. Aim project managed the entire process from concept to completion, closely controlling the works to remain consistent with the high level of safety and welfare practiced at GSK.

The timeline captures 50 years of the site’s development including personnel numbers employed and site managers. The pinnacles are illuminated internally and faced with chromatic film. Each pinnacle contains information on the site skills and product production. Other elements included a showcase containing safety and environmental achievement awards, as well as promotional movie and movie wall.

St Andrews Links Trust

Aim regularly provides visualisation and animated walk through services for clients. St Andrews Links Trust is a typical example of the in-house expertise applied to bring projects to life.

Aim were invited to submit a design proposal by St Andrews Links Trust (SALT) to develop the present facilities at the Eden Club House, the primary focus being the enhancement of the visitor experience to compliment the high quality golfing packages offered at the seven golf courses owned and managed by the trust.

The proposal upgrades the existing Eden Clubhouse with a new, refurbished entrance, restaurant, kitchen, meeting spaces and office accommodation. The brand was captured throughout the design elements and was the focus of 3d visuals and the final animated movie walkthrough.

Think Learn Create Inspire

Aim Design provided graphic design & publication services for a new annual promotional brochure for Dundee Science Centre. The brochure included science programme information, education packages as well as advertising corporate and science learning facilities to clients. Previously mixed and cluttered science centre offerings such as STEM Clubs and Professional Learning are simply categorised and easily located. A soft touch approach was adopted with key captions of think, learn, create and inspire developed as the centre’s core values