Aim Design were invited to provide design services for the delivery of a new geology exhibition at Edinburgh’s Our Dynamic Earth. The exhibition theme was a celebration of late 19th and early 20th century geologists fondly renamed as ‘geology timelords’. Holographic Timelords emerge from lava backdrops to introduce the visitor to our early understanding of our earths crust and the forces that formed mountains and valleys. A digital wall timeline takes the visitor through the forming of the earth crusts and the shifting of tectonic plates ending with the familiar continents of today, their rock formations, origins and anticipated movements in the future.

Visitors are invited to beat the clock by moving tectonic plates and matching historical periods over the last 4.5Billion years. Lava interactive floor holograms create hopscotch or ‘hotscorch’ challenges challenging visitors to quickly skip across broken lava flows. A suspended globe provides further information on our climate and a time-lift takes you backwards to the next gallery of the exhibition experience. A range of digital interactive experiences are complimented with physical rock backdrops, movie walls and engaging narratives to excite the and inform visitors before they head onto the next stage in the story line.