Project Tag: Residential

Hawkhill Residences

The Hawkhill tower is located on the west perimeter of Dundee’s Cultural Quarter. A single storey restaurant was demolished to make way for the first single-access core multi-storey tower in Dundee. The nine storey tower provides commercial space on the lower ground and ground floor that accommodates a restaurant business. The restaurant commands the corner of Session Street & Hawkhill and is a very popular eatery.

The site footprint was extremely tight and a design of compact flats around a single access and lift core maximised the residential potential available. The upper 7 storeys accommodate 21 two bedroom flats each with open plan living kitchen space and dedicated balconies. This living accommodation enjoys panoramic views of the city and the Tay Estuary beyond.

Located on a very tight corner site the building is finished in Trespa cladding and render. Zinc wraps around and over the corner of the building and continues down into the inside of the restaurant below.

A building of significant character this provides a suitable gateway to the access into the Cultural Quarter providing popular and high quality residential accommodation in the heart of Dundee.

Aberfeldy Housing

The site of a former laundry works, Home Street mixed development has been designed to provide mixed tenure residential property and varying sizes of commercial small-business units to support local industry requirements and to attract further inward investment & employment. A range of detached, semi-detached and flatted block homes provide low-cost affordable residential opportunities for the community of Aberfeldy. The original Parkfield house is retained for refurbishment as well as two existing commercial units to the west.

Designing around flood plain, access and acoustic obstacles, the redevelopment offers the opportunity to support and reinforce the business hub space recently established in the town. The high quality of the proposal promises to deliver a greatly improved contribution to the character, environment, and general amenity of the surrounding area.

Glenagnes Road Housing

This residential development adopts a cascading form to tackle the gradient of Glenagnes Road. Each twin townhouse overlaps the next with a projecting wing to accommodate the change in level. The roof line follows this dynamic cascade and terminates at a columned projection facing Logie Gardens. Each townhouse has 2 substantial west-facing balconies extending the 1st floor living accommodation and upper bedroom respectively, capturing sunlight throughout the afternoon. The two end units have substantial sheltered terraces providing additional external activity space. All townhouses have the main living accommodation elevated to the 1st floor, providing unobstructed views of Logie Avenue, as well as increased privacy.

The simple material palette combines smooth white render and Iroko timber, with base coursing of blue/grey brick, achieving a warm, modern aesthetic.

Duntrune Housing

When Dundee City Council auctioned off the former Duntrune demonstration garden in 2006, Aim were commissioned by DDL to produce a series of four 300m² villas to reflect the massing and form of the existing terraced housing. The eventual design was a classic contemporary solution to assimilate with the adjacent Victorian villas.

A simple palate of sandstone, white render and Iroko timber compliment the interior of the houses’ open plan, ground floor living-spaces, and the 5 substantial first-floor bedrooms. Existing mature planting was protected to maintain screening from the street, with substantial gardens facing South West to the rear of the properties, offering privacy from Duntrune Terrace. Owners have complimented the design and internal organisation of the houses, with particular praise received from resident and TV presenter Lorraine Kelly.

Longforgan Housing

Aim were commissioned by a private client to assess the viability of a residential development on an area of agricultural ground on the periphery of the village of Longforgan, Perthshire. A series of four different house types were developed with a common material language adopted across the designs and a series of configurations to provide variations on the core four plans.

The masterplan included the introduction of 30 plots of varying sizes and layouts and included a core pathway network, nature corridor and SUDS solution to complete the site layout.

Tay Ropeworks

This unusual site was originally a rope maker’s workshop and yard, dating from the early 19th Century. The site is some 170m long and between 7m and 12m wide, set within the West End Lanes Conservation Area of Dundee. The proposal introduces a string of residential accommodation linked via a series of public spaces and a new semi-private lane, and was recognised and exhibited at The Royal Scottish Academy’s Annual Exhibition.

With the original buildings largely destroyed by fire, the proposal seeks to retain the remaining red brick arched walls and the Ropeworks gateway in homage to the site’s historical use and character. A simple palate of red brick, render, and sandstone is laced together along the site with galvanised fences and gates of Manila Rope infill as testament to the lane’s origin.

Cairnie Loan

Aim were commissioned by a private client to assess the viability of a residential development on a former garage site. The proposal maximised the ground area to accommodate eight 4-bedroom townhouse in a terraced configuration. Each townhouse includes dedicated garden space, driveway and integral garage. A simple palette of wood, render and brick finishes break up the façade to a comfortable individual scale and provides an interesting street frontage.